Dating avedis zildjian cymbals, the different stamps of a. zildjian cymbals

Pardon my digging up an old thread, but I searched on Zildjian dating and this thread came up. Dating A Zildjian Cymbals. In terms of production techniques it appears similar to other Avedis cymbals of that period.

There are no three dots in any Trans stamps. Want to send somebody a link to a particular photo and description? We manufacture our shells in house.

  1. Today, K Zildjian cymbals from the Istanbul period are perhaps the most sought after vintage cymbals in the world.
  2. Drummers also used small but heavy brass cymbals.
  3. Here's a seventies open ink script logo on a K.
  4. There are also two other types of Large Stamp, with and without the three dots.

The date comes from somebody who recalls a new purchase. The A form has the top portion of the Ottoman section missing, in the B form it is all there. Sometime after that I took a break from drums for a few years, birthday gifts for and stopped looking.

The Different Stamps of A. Zildjian Cymbals

He told me that stamps are not an indication of age. The true outline font of the Large Stamp Hollow Block is much cleaner and the surface of the cymbal isn't pressed in at all in the hollow portion of the lettering. Of course, it is easier just to use the presence of the three dots to tell.

The first fifty years of A. Two large mass hunting facilities. One is the partially missing bottom of the T of Turkish, science disproves carbon and the other is the specific form of the cross bar indicated in the illustration.

How To Date a Vintage Zildjian using the Maker s Stamps

How to Date an Avedis Zildjian Cymbal

But ink stamps giving model and or weight appear to have been an Avedis Zildjian innovation which was around from the beginning. And just to make things more fun, you can find brilliant finish Avedis Zildjians as well. This is different from the traditional font used, although it seems the same as the font used for the Avedis Zildjian and Cie stamps.

The years shown are based on when they appear in Drum Company catalogs, although there were other sales channels so the catalogs don't give the whole story. Somebody tried to polish it off, but still visible. There are a few different lettering styles used in the different decades, but ink has been around for a long time.

Zildjian Cymbals Home

Dating A Zildjian Cymbals

Product Close-Up Zildjian Avedis Series Cymbals

First Stamp ss Very rare case of a misprint. Scholars believe, for the most part, that it is unlikely that humans successfully controlled much of reindeer behavior or affected any morphological changes in reindeer until about years ago or so. This site is set up so that you can send or post to a forum a link to a particular photo and description. These are the three dots in question. Having checked myself against my reference collection I can do the test visually without having to do the actual construction.

What remains elusive is a nice clear way to distinguish the three s hammering eras which works for most all cymbals. This same nice vertical alignment is true of the C of Cymbals and the N of iN. But if you really know what you are doing, you probably don't need to use it. One shows the flat top bell for sure, social hookup apps in the other case the photo doesn't make it clear. These hats are amazing by the way and in great condition in every way.

After the war there was a time when Italian manufacturers were making the Zenjian line and there is sometimes confusion between the two. There are old new stamps and new new stamps. That's why they are relatively rare. If you can't manage that, you could even use a ruler and hold it against your screen.

Zildjian Stamps

Be aware that sizes may or may nor conform to an exact measurement. The information really comes from all the people who have contributed to discussions over the years. While there are multiple subspecies R. The next task seems to find out exactly which logo ink is on each of these examples.

But with a faint stamp it can help a lot. They are, but what lets us tell them apart without measuring is the pattern of breaks or quirks. Click here to see a timeline of A Zildjian cymbals. These differences are available in the cymbals associated with the different eras of the drum set grandstand, jazz, bop, big band, rock, etc.

Avedis Zildjian Gallery

But the correlation is not perfect. This is a rough guide to help estimate the age of your cymbal. Bill Hartrick didn't include this as a specific trademark stamp in his original work. The hand hammering and the varying thicknesses also mean that each cymbal is highly individual, consider it like speaking with an accent. Separate multiple addresses with commas.

A gallery of the Avedis Trademark and Ink Logo eras

That Trans Stamp like property again. From this period on the interest in the die stamps seems to have waned. When I have an example of a fully lathed cymbal with this stamp, best hookup bar atlanta I'll add it in. This is because you don't need to know the height of the stamp to spot one. Fortunately there are two other ways to recognize Trans Stamps.

DFO Drum Forum

But that currently seems as elusive as distinguishing the stamps and the s stamps without considering the hammering. The date of the publication is in the lower left corner. Home Forums Main Cymbal Talk. But this may turn out to be because hardly anybody has been noticing that they are different.

Laser Engraving
  • This is Exhibit F in Bill's original article.
  • And while we are on the subject of unusual divergences, note that in the ad the brilliant finish is also available on Zilco cymbals.
  • There is no official track record of the stamps used by Zildjian.

However, the whole stamp is very lightly pressed in so that much of the detail is missing. Former Denver Symphony Orchestra timpanist Walter Light, who built a custom set of drums for himself, founded the company in when his colleagues began asking him to build timpani for them. Before the Swish and Trash cymbals, there was the imported cymbals of China. But all the lines are pretty much the same size in the three dots Large Stamp.

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