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This seal was introduced in when Cuba was still under Spanish control. There are several versions of this sticker, which should agree with the box date. Believed to slow down the fermenting process and retain flavours longer.

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Part of the reason for the failure of cigar maker strikes was the lack of concentration of the industry. Limited and Special Releases usually have a second band. Luckily there are ways to prove that a cigar is or may be a fake. The wrapping adds nothing and provides negligible protection. They are usually printed in multiple colours.

This is a very simple test that is often overlooked. It was a major modification of the previous seal and incorporated more security features. It incorporates a rechargeable humidifier sponge within a double aluminium chamber, a clear plastic upper section and a cap that incorporates a reusable cigar punch.

Dating the Cigar The date of a cigar is the most important aspect to enable checking for fakes. Finally, after being filled and checked, the box is nailed shut and tightly sealed with a green and white label a custom dating from to guarantee that the cigars are genuine Havanas. Methods of dating of a cigar fall into three main time periods.

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It is a larger version of the printed shield. Is there range of discontinued or special release stock too extensive or beyond general market quantities? For example, consider a standard production Montecristo No.

  • Cellophane sleeving of cigars commenced in Cuba in the mids and until c, most Cuban cigars even Cohibas were available in cellophane sleeves.
  • Only one brand is currently available tissue-paper wrapped, the Fonseca.
  • These packs are normally available in lots of ten, in an outer box, suitable for retail display.
  • Sub-distributors sell product into the grey market to increase their own volume turnover, since the more stock they sell, the better discount they can get from their distributor.
  • The wrapping of cigars in cedar sheet was intended to add a cedar aroma to the cigar.

Cigar Size Both the length and diameter gauge should be checked using a ring gauge. In addition all seals need to be corrected located on the box and the fold of the seal should be through the centre of the coat of arms. Overlapping of seal types is common while the old seals are used up. Labels or other illustrations also appear on the inside of the lids of many Havana boxes and other brands.

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Has a paper hinge, but no nail or clasp. Tubes help to preserve cigars from physical damage and short-term drying out. They have the small version of the Cuban warranty seal no serial number on the pack. Unfortunately, forums are full of well-intentioned advice, which regrettably is often wrong and is invariably incomplete, and therefore misleading. Be aware, tired of dating sites there are fake cigars everywhere.

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Many previously self-employed cigar makers were consequently driven out of business, forced to work in the employ of bonded cigar manufacturers. Usually reserved for expensive or large cigars. For carton packs, represents the number of cigars in each individual pack. There is also a Producer's name stamped onto boxes. Boxes also usually have colorful decorative borders.

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Lesson 8 Cigar Packaging

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Secondly check that the sticker is not faked. Do they guarantee both product and delivery? This packaging was discontinued in the mids but reintroduced in for the new Vegueros packaging. Check that the shape of the head of the cigar is correct.

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  1. Detecting a non-Cuban cigar should be easy for most Cuban Cigar smokers.
  2. Do they specialise in Cuban cigars?
  3. The cigars may have a special or an extra band.

Old style and new style shown. These are impact stamped onto the box and some indentation should be evident. The imprinted factory code and the date are applied before leaving the factory, serial either for warehousing or for immediate export.

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This new group of arrivals provided manufacturers with a ready source of low-cost labor. Some cigar releases are available exclusively in aluminium tubes, while other releases are available either with or without tubes. The cedar sheet provides some protection against physical damage and may be left on when storing in a humidor. As the industry grew in the midth century, so did the need for clear brand identification. Retailers can purchase from distributors, sub-distributors, parallel importers, parallel import themselves, or use a combination of all sources.

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The smaller seal has no barcode or serial number. There are several variations of these notices. This box has a formed metal hinged lid with projecting sealing collars and is fitted with a brooch clasp. In some countries, a duty-paid sticker is also applied. Normally cigars of the same shade are allocated to a single box, but when there is a slight difference, the shades are arranged to run from darker to lighter, from left to right across the box.

Cuba Habanos cigars produced for sale within Cuba have an exclusive hologram on the boxes. Can be a single layer or one or more equal layers. The codes keep changing to deter buyers from demanding or rejecting a particular factory as it moves in or out of favour, radiocarbon dating wikipedia since this causes stock problems for Habanos and their distributors.

Related to Items You've Viewed. Boxes produced for export do not have the hologram. Some Special Releases in upmarket varnished boite-nature boxes come in a plain or decorative protective cardboard outer.

Paper, usually colored, is normally glued to the interior of the box and is used to cover the cigars it contains. For these early seals, each factory would overprint their own name onto the seal. In Germany, two separate stickers are applied. This is the current date system. In the end, the decisive blow to cigar maker unions came from technology and changing consumer preferences.

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