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Solution and Diagnostic Data Collection. What operating system are you running? New posts Trending Search forums. Same thing, keyboard stopped working one morning, the last thing I would have done was shut the screen to hibernate. The Extended Warranty is a bios fix to keep the fans running to reduce the heat but I believe that this only applies to machines with Intel Processors.

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If it helps at all I read an article that said the lifespan of any laptop these days is a year. Report Respond to iprashant. Need help troubleshooting? So after reading alot of posts I reseated the ram and hard drive, put the battery back in and it was totally good.

What drivers are you looking for? Your barcode may be slightly different but will still have the important imformation needed for us to help you. It only takes a second, and could mean the difference between hours of unnecessary work.

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Screen was black and computer would not come back on. Saved me a lot of phone time. Do you know the backscreen voltage? My laptop was completely dead and now it's working again.

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Heat is the issue as it always has been. My machine was dead and I found a way to get it started again. Report Respond to Enginneer Samm. To reduce the possibility of heat-related injuries or of overheating the device, do not place the device directly on your lap or obstruct the device air vents.

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They dumpped them onto unsuspecting consumers and refuse to even admit there is a problem. Obviously I'm glad it's working but I can't say I am very confident.

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Have you looked into this further? Once I left it off for awhile and booted up again, had the same problems again and this method no longer works. Very hard to say how to fix this since the scenario is very intermittent. Reinserted battery and powered up and problem gone.

Keyboard Ask a question Report. Then I found this post, did it and viola! And I never thought anything like that would work for me. Silver solder is now the legal and accepted solder flow but it needs more heat!

Same problem, same solution. My son called and said his laptop keyboard froze.

We have tried this on hundreds of notebooks. We were unable to retrieve the list of drivers for your product. Could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software. The list of all available drivers for your product is shown above. Or, zboard usb 001 drivers view all available drivers for your product below.

It sounds so primitive, like banging on an old transistor radio, but it worked like a charm. Respond to Enginneer Samm. Does anyone hae an idea of how I can resolve this problem? Nobody could or would help. Other times the system slows down.

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